Verse by Verse study through the Book of Acts

In the book of Acts, we find God’s purpose for the church. After Jesus ascended, His disciples waited in Jerusalem, as He had instructed them to do. And on the day of Pentecost, as promised by God, the Holy Spirit fell upon them. In that moment, the church was born and the promise of God was fulfilled. The Holy Spirit filled them, empowered them, and began to lead them. And from there, the church began to grow phenomenally.
GOD’S DESIRE is that our lives reflect Jesus Christ. We’re to follow His example and walk in His steps, but we can’t do that in our own ability or power. In the flesh, apart from the power of the Holy Spirit, we cannot forgive, or love, or be kind or considerate, as Jesus was. But through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, we can indeed reflect His character and His nature.